Remote House Cleansings to Remove Unwanted Ghosts and Demons

Are You Suffering From Spiritual Attacks in Your Own Home?

I CAN HELP! I am Chris Bores, the world’s very first Ghost Behaviorist. I have spent years in the field studying the behavior patterns of ghosts to figure out their needs, wants, and effective ways to rid them from areas. I have helped many families within the Toledo, Ohio area and now I want to help you, No matter the distance! I call myself the Ghost Doctor because I’ve come up with a revolutionary cleansing ritual that is very effective in clearing living spaces of unwanted energies, ghosts, attachments, demons, etc.



If you are experiencing nightmares, sleep paralysis, mysterious scratches, whispers or voices, or any other paranormal activity, I will help you rid your home of these parasites. Together we will use my revolutionary rituals to take back your home by raising its vibration and cleansing it once and for all!

How Does the House Cleansing Work?

Not every ghost is the same, not every haunting is the same. You need a personalized approach that helps you put a stop to your own spiritual attacks.

Please hit the "customize" button below and fill out the form. I will create an affordable customized house cleansing based on YOUR NEEDS! I will then get started on creating and sending you a  customized cleansing for your needs. Together we can tackle these issues!

You will get a customized cleansing that includes a specific step-by step ritual complete with mantra’s and prayers to effectively cleanse your home. I will personally walk you through each step and help you perform the prayers that rid your home of ghosts. You’ll then be able to do future cleansings anytime you want and as often as you want. No experience needed! I will do most of the heavy lifting!

My approach is 100% effective. So don’t hesitate, let’s get started today!

Ghost Doctor Chris Bores holds a bowl and prepares to perform a spiritual house cleansing

Why is This Happening?

Think of your house like a sponge. It has the ability to soak up negative emotions, thoughts, occurrences, and stresses accumulated through out the day. Events and emotions can be absorbed into the environment, walls, objects, etc. Unfortunately, there are also many feeder spirits in this world. If the right one comes along, it can be attracted to that soaked up energy and start to feed off of it. This will cause them to ramp up activity as they grow stronger causing unwanted nightmares, stress, tension, illness, bad vibes and more. (See below for more on these experiences). These energies can build and compound causing them to become stronger and perform even great feats that manipulate the physical world that inflict fear, pain and misery. The best defense against this is my revolutionary virtual cleansing tactics. You will not be disappointed by the results!is an effective house cleansing.

How Do I Know if I Need to Cleanse My Space?

If any of these situations sound familiar, you may be overdue for a spiritual spring cleaning.

Excessive Nightmares

Frequent, intense dreams that cause distress or fear, often recurring and may signal disturbances in the spiritual realm of your living space.

Sleep Paralysis

A temporary inability to move or speak while falling asleep or upon waking, sometimes accompanied by a sense of a malevolent presence, possibly linked to spiritual disturbances.

Unexplained Shadows

Visual manifestations without a clear source, often seen peripherally. These shadows may indicate the presence of spirits or entities.

Unexplained Knocking

Random sounds with no identifiable cause, often repetitive, which can be a sign of spiritual activity attempting to communicate or make its presence known.

Constant Heated Arguments Between Family Members

A sudden increase in disagreements and negative emotions among household members can be influenced by negative energies or spirits affecting emotions and behavior.

Constant Fatigue

Persistent tiredness not explained by medical conditions, suggesting energy drain by negative spiritual presence or attachment.

Unexplained Foul Odors

Sudden appearance of unpleasant smells without a discernible source, often associated with negative or malevolent presences.

Whispering Sounds

Hearing indistinct voices without a visible source, indicating potential spiritual activity or the presence of entities trying to communicate.

The Ghost Doctor Advantage

Why Choose The Ghost Doctor Customized Package Over Others?

I have helped many families in the Toledo, Ohio area. I’ve been a ghost hunting guide for 10 years, clocking in thousands of hours in the field. I am a student of psychology, sociology, ancient text and more. My experiences have allowed me to create an approach to the paranormal field that is unmatched. I understand a spirits psyche and can help you rid your home of them.

For a more detailed description on spirits' psyches see the Ghost Classification page.

There are five stages to a haunting. Depending on what stage currently plagues you, will determine what you need to effectively remove these spirits from your home.

A dimly lit room with a spiritual cleansing altar and spiritual cleansing materials on it.

Ready to Cleanse Your Home of Unwanted Spirits?

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